Chilmington Homes Ltd - Reading

Chilmington Homes Ltd - Reading

Chilmington Homes Ltd - ReadingChilmington Homes Ltd - ReadingChilmington Homes Ltd - Reading

Specialist provider of personalised residential and community based care and support

Residential Care

Chilmington Homes Ltd in Reading has, since 1992, provided excellent quality residential care and support to people with learning and physical disabilities from Chilmington House, its residential care home, located in Reading, Berkshire.  

By working with the Service User and their circle of support, the highly trained team at Chilmington House aims to provide each Service User with an individualised package of support according to their chosen wishes and aspirations.  

Our experience and skills help us to provide and access a broad spectrum of opportunities to meet the needs and broaden the horizons of Service Users who have multiple and complex needs.     

Chilmington House staff assist Service Users to achieve a lifestyle which encourages independence and personal achievement, whilst keeping them safe and preserving their individuality, privacy and dignity.

Supported Living

Chilmington at Home's Supported Living service aims to provide a high quality personal care and support service for adults with learning and physical disabilities in their own home.  

Our services are tailor-made to assist people with learning and physical disabilities to access appropriate, personalised and dignified care, advice and support in the comfort of their own home.  

Our Respite Care Service makes it easy for family members to access a few hours break or to take a well deserved holiday.  

Because our team is highly skilled, we can provide Re-ablement Services to help you regain some of your independence and help you get back up to speed following hospitalisation or a period in residential care or illness.

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Job Vacancies

CQC Rating for Chilmington at Home

CQC Rating for Chilmington House

Take a look at our Job Vacancy page for more information and call us if you are interested.

CQC Rating for Chilmington House

CQC Rating for Chilmington at Home

CQC Rating for Chilmington House

Chilmington House, our Residential Care service was inspected on 7th June 2017 and we are proud to say that we continue to be rated "Good" in all aspects. 

CQC Rating for Chilmington at Home

CQC Rating for Chilmington at Home

CQC Rating for Chilmington at Home

Our Chilmington at Home service was inspected on 20th February 2018 and we are proud to say that we are rated "Good" in all aspects. 

we are members of:




United Kingdom Home Care Association

Our Chilmington Values

Everyone who is involved in our organisation from Service Users and their family and friends to staff can make a valuable contribution to the way we commission and deliver the service we provide.

With this in mind, we embrace the ethos behind "Valuing People" by promoting the legal and civil rights; independence at whatever level this is possible; choice and inclusion of people with learning disabilities.

The Training and Development of our staff will promote the involvement of Service Users by raising awareness of a basic need to experience choice and control over their lives.

Even those perceived to have severe to profound learning disabilities and the communication difficulties that often accompany this, will feel that they have control over their lives.

All Service users will be assisted to plan for their lives and their support using a Person Centred Plan. We look to find out as much information as possible about the person and their life before coming to live at Chilmington House so that we can build a picture of their aspirations. Future life experiences will not be limited by their past experiences - they will be used as a platform on which to build.

It has always been our policy to promote social integration by supporting Service Users to use as many local facilities as possible. We also support Service Users to maintain contacts and visit friends and family. 

Our staff will encourage and facilitate Service Users to:

use all local amenities such as churches; shops; pubs; clubs; colleges; cinemas etc

welcome input from other local people by encouraging volunteers and befrienders into the lives of Service Users in a protected yet informal way.

use public transport to widen social contacts as well as educate. 

participate in any activity, experiencing life to the maximum. 

communicate with others and their wider community. 

choose holiday venues / outings which maximise opportunities for integration.