Chilmington's Residential Care


Needing to live in a care home doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Many people in the UK live happy & fulfilled lives with the support of staff that are fully trained to understand their needs. In the right home, you can build friendships with people who may have similar needs, likes and dislikes. You may even like to be involved in similar activities. At Chilmington House, Residential Care, Reading, we have known Service Users forge long term and committed friendships which have seen them through difficult times in their lives such as bereavement. A small care home can offer some people a 'family-like' environment, where they benefit from their relationships with each other.


Our highly trained team at Chilmington House works closely with Service Users, their families, friends & Care Managers/Social Workers to arrive at an individualised package of support according to the wishes and aspirations of the Service User. Staff assist Service Users to achieve a lifestyle which encourages independence and personal achievement, whilst keeping them safe and preserving their individuality, privacy and dignity. We do this through Person Centred Planning which is an individualised way of designing a support package which allows people to experience control over their lives, reach their potential and to live life to the full. 


At Chilmington House we can tailor make the Service to meet the needs of each Service User. Traditionally we have provided ‘enhanced’ packages of care & support to meet people’s needs & desires in the best possible way. Service Users, Local Authorities & PCT’s are free to either purchase the whole of the package we have to offer or to buy the parts which they value. We can assist Service Users who wish to buy our service with Self-Directed Support or Individual Budgets.

Our experience and skills help us to provide and access a broad spectrum of opportunities to meet the needs and broaden the horizons of Service Users who have multiple and complex needs. The individual packages of support can be very varied.


Examples of things you may find in a package as a result of a person centred plan meeting are:

  • Shiny, reflective paint on walls & ceilings to enhance the sensory experience of a bedroom belonging to someone with visual impairment.    
  • Supporting someone to go on their holiday of a lifetime – a cruise with 2-1 staffing.    
  • Day trips instead of holidays for someone who doesn’t like to sleep away from home.    
  • Support for someone who needs a familiar face during a hospital stay.
  • Regular weekend visits to parents who live a long distance away.
  • Taking familiar equipment & items on holiday so things aren’t so strange.    
  • Choice of keyworker.    
  • Making your room your own by using your own furniture & choosing the décor.    
  • Making your own menus.   

  • Assisting with PEG feeding or mixed/complex feeding regimes.    
  • Providing access & support to attend meaningful daytime occupation/leisure activities.    
  • Clubs & hobbies at home or out & about.    
  • Outings.    
  • Help to access sports eg swimming/cycling/trampolining & access to Reading Borough Council’s ‘Everybody Active’ programme.    
  • Support to attend part-time college courses.    
  • Keeping & taking care of pets.    
  • Massage Therapy.    
  • Celebration & attendance at religious or cultural events.    
  • Two night staff that stay awake all night & are there for you.   
  • Arranging specialist assessments & access to medical care/dentistry/podiatry/appliance clinics/physiotherapy etc enhancing health outcomes for people.


Residential Care Fees

Our individualised fees are set once we have completed our assessment based upon the individual's Person Centred Plan. 

We welcome opportunities to negotiate fees with Service Users who have Individualised Budgets or Self-Directed Support and who only wish us to provide some of the services in their lives.  

To discuss an individualised package of support, please contact us.

CQC Overall rating - Good

Chilmington House was last inspected by the Care Quality Commission on 14th July 2017 and was awarded a rating of "Good"

Click on this link to the CQC's website for more information.  The inspection report has not been published yet but when it has been, it can be viewed on their site or can be downloaded below.

Download the CQC report for Chilmington House here:

Info for Families & Friends


We strive hard to form & maintain relationships with people who are important in the lives of those who call Chilmington House their home. Whilst we know we will never replace the family, our aim is to provide the support, friendship and guidance to each individual living at Chilmington House to enable them to live away from their family in a safe environment which upholds their dignity & maximises their ability to make their own choices in life. We achieve this in differing ways depending on the needs & wishes of Service Users.

Family, Friends & Advocates Testimonials

"It is lovely to be able to see him in our own home even though it is a long journey for him & the staff. We make a weekend of it & the two staff who bring him are always very supportive of our need to see him alone but with their assistance close by." (Parents). 

"He looks so well compared to the last home he lived in. We are very pleased with the move." (Parents). 

"I am always made to feel welcome. In my role as Advocate I see many homes & Chilmington House always has a warm welcome. Their care of the residents is the best I have seen in my years as a volunteer." (Advocate & Befriender).

"I know that ‘C’ is always well looked after & when we see him he always looks good. The staff do a wonderful job. They have taken him to places we didn’t think was possible." (Family) 

“The staff team have done a wonderful job of helping ‘J’ to recover from his surgery. Without their attention to detail, a good diet & their excellent infection control skills he could not have healed so quickly & made such a quick recovery from major surgery.” (Senior District Nurse). 

“We wish to thank Martine & her team for the wonderful care they gave ‘J’ when he was in hospital, it could not have been easy!” 

How to make a referral

If you already have an Individual Budget allocated to you by the Local Authority or Health Authority which you are choosing to spend on a residential service then in the first instance please contact Brenda Dean on 0118 9611219 to establish whether we have a suitable vacancy within your budget where your needs & aspirations could be met. 

If we have what might be a suitable place you can then come to visit us to have a look at the home & to discuss what you are looking for. You may like to involve your family members, professionals or other people that are important to you in the decision process. If you like what you see & hear we will need to carry out a detailed assessment before we take things any further. 

It is very important that we all understand your needs & wants at an early stage as this is more likely to lead to a successful placement in the longer term if you decide to pursue living at Chilmington House. 

If you do not have a budget allocated to you, then contact your local social services department to arrange an assessment. Remember that family carers are also entitled to an assessment of their needs too. 

If you find that you are not eligible for local authority or health funding it may be possible for you to fund some care at home using your own money or benefits such as Attendance allowance or DLA / Personal Independence Payment (PIP).